Places to visit in Sakleshpur

1. Manjarabad Fort:

Among those Special forts in the Nation, Manjarabad Fort was built by Tipu Sultan and showcases the genius of Islamic architecture in India.  It includes its intriguing octagonal layout with eight partitions and brings a variety of people. Another special facet of this fort is that's the sole level compared to the overall temples that are predicated on multiple degrees.  The aerial perspective of the fort provides a superb star-shaped look. It's among those very few sightseeing areas in Sakleshpur that delivers a memorable view of the Western Ghats. An individual may also be overwhelmed in the sight of Arabian Sea from the fort that's situated at an altitude of approximately 3200 feet above sea level. A number of the other fascinating things that guests can see here are the several chambers constructed within the fort along with the tube which leads to Srirangapatna Fort.

Best Time to visit June to February are the best months to see 

Timings: It's available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Distance from Bus Stand: It's in a distance of 6 kilometres from the bus Stand.


2. Bisle View Point

Get prepared to become mesmerised by some enchanting views of the Western Ghats from Bisle View Point when you're touring Sakleshpur.  It's one of the very mesmerising places to go to at Sakleshpur for sightseeing and escape the humdrum affairs of existence. Located near Bisle Ghat, this area provides a stunning view of 3 mountain ranges that are Yenikallu Betta, Doddabetta and Pushpagiri and Kumara Parvatha. Bisle View Point provides an adventurous escape as one can appreciate hiking to the vantage point and learn more about the heavenly scenery which surrounds you. Tourists here also can delight in seeing some varied wild creatures like peacocks, monkeys, spotted deer, elephants when passing through the book forest.  Having a blanket of greenery all around dotted with rivers and waterfalls, Bisle View Point requires the expression postcard-perfect landscape to the greatest honor and provides a memorable time for nature fans in Sakleshpur.

Best Time to visit The months from September to December is the Perfect time to see here

Distance from Bus Stand: The space between the two areas is approximately 55 kilometres.


5. Manjehalli Waterfalls

Bask in the serenity of nature at Manjehalli Waterfalls along with your loved ones and friends on a memorable escape.  Also called Abbi Falls, Manjehalli Waterfalls is among the most stunning Sakleshpur tourist areas. A trendy bleach under the gurgling flow is a refreshing action and you is able to look ahead to find the attractiveness of monsoons in India in Manjehalli Waterfalls. Enjoying standing under the waterfall is an action of utter pleasure and excitement for everybody.  But, one has to be mindful of the slippery stones and heed with care when moving beneath the waterfalls. It features an excellent landscape for those shutterbugs and also functions as a picnic area for the tourists in Sakleshpur.

Best Time to visit The monsoon months will be the ideal time to see this waterfall as the water dries up during the winters and summers.

Timings: The waterfall can be seen in up the morning to 5:30 pm in the day.

Distance from Bus Stand: The space between the two areas is approximately 6 kilometers.


6. Kukke Subramanya Temple


one of the religious areas to go to at Sakleshpur, Kukke Subramanya Temple is among the prominent Hindu temples in Karnataka.  This tranquil temple is surrounded with astonishing all-natural beauty and boasts of a landscape that can get etched in your memories forever. The principal deity of the temple is Lord Subrahmanya and the location is deemed into the abode of nagas.  According to a myth, it's said here Lord Subramanya offered refuge to the celestial serpent Vasuki and many others when Garuda threatened them. Kukke Subramanya Temple is famous among the pilgrims for supplying Both major Sarpa Dosha Poojas called Ashlesha Bali Pooja & Sarpa Samskara. The temple makes for a beautiful attraction among areas to see in Sakleshpur if you're fascinated by Indian mythology or want to learn more about the superb all-natural landscape which surrounds this location.

Best Time to visit September to March are the best months to see Kukke Subramanya Temple

Timings: It stays open from 5 am to 8 pm each day of this week.

Distance from Bus Stand: Kukke Subramanya Temple is located at a distance of approximately 75 kilometres from Sakleshpur bus stack.


7. Betta Byraveshwara Temple

Surrounded by serenity, Betta Byraveshwara Temple is among the highest places to go to in Sakleshpur.  It's nestled in the gorgeous Western Ghats and provides a panoramic view of this landscape for everybody. It's famous for getting a 600-year-old ancient temple that's surrounded by magnificent hills throughout the world.  Among the popular stories related to this place states the Pandavas at Mahabharata remained here for a brief while when they had been exiled.Betta Byraveshwaya Temple is a great tourist destination for people who enjoy the calm and beauty of nature.  Additionally, there are lots of popular mountains of Sakleshpur that are located nearby and offer some wonderful opportunities for hiking and sightseeing. A few of those deserts that you may see here are Pandavar Gudda / Pandavar Betta and Jenkal Gudda.

Best Time to visit Anytime round the year is fantastic to see here.  But, tourists believe the weeks from October to March to be the best for seeing Betta Byraveshwaya Temple

Timings: The temple can be seen between 6:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.  

Distance from Bus Stand: The space between the two areas is approximately 37 kilometres.


8. Pandavar Gudda

Gear up for a thrilling experience by incorporating Pandavar Gudda for your own destination for Sakleshpur holiday season.  Pandavar Gudda is famous in Indian mythology for a place that was formerly the abode of Pandavas during their vanavas at Mahabharata. This tourist place also incites historic interest among people with the existence of a single temple that's about a 1000 year old as anticipated by Archaeological Survey of India.This location is one of the most populous sightseeing areas in Sakleshpur and brings numerous tourists.  An individual can indulge in appreciating the visual delights in Pandavar Gudda by simply taking their nearest and dearest on a picnic or challenge their souls having an exciting trek to the peak of the hill. It's also regarded as a favorite spot for enthusiastic photographers and provides a majestic vista of this Jenkal Hills. For the best views of this landscape, tourists are suggested to go to Pandavar Gudda in the time of sunset or sunrise when they're at Sakleshpur to get a holiday.

Best Time to visit: Tourists are suggested to see here during the rainy season since the landscape is the most spectacular then.

Distance from Bus Stand: It's located about 35 kilometres from the bus stand in Sakleshpur


9. Hadlu Waterfall

Plan your summer getaway to Hadlu Waterfalls whenever you're considering going to the city of Sakleshpur in your next holiday. This is really a postcard-perfect landscape that provides the most amazing sight of character at its very best.  Hadlu Waterfalls is a famous trekking destination also provides a excellent chance for people that want to receive their heartbeat racing in this exciting site.The freezing waterfalls is attained after a memorable trek through the lush coffee plantations and woods that decorate the road.  Hadlu waterfalls cascades throughout six phases and also for the tourists that the most enjoyable action is taking a bath at the cold waters. A visit to Hadlu palaces is a complete rejuvenating experience where you could escape the hustle and bustle of town. Watching Hadlu Waterfall is an excellent recreational experience for everybody who comes together with their friends and family one of areas to go to in Sakleshpur.

Best Time to visit The ideal time to go to Hadlu waterfall is through the season of storms once you may see the scene at its very best.

Timings: It's a Good Idea to see Hadlu Waterfall at Sakleshpur throughout the day time.


10. Temple of Halebid and Belur

Showcasing the best layouts of Hindu temples constructed under the Hoysala empire, Temple of Halebid and Belur is famous one of the ideal Sakleshpur tourist spots.  These intricate temples provide a peaceful respite from the hassles of modern lifestyle and narrate some fascinating historical tales. The temple of Halebid and Belur were created by the famed architect Jakkanna Acharya and carved with a number of lovely designs.  Tourists here can come across quite a few carvings in this temple which relates with the Puranas, the Upanishads and several popular characters in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Belur and Halebid are usually regarded as twin cities also attracts numerous tourists from South India who want to have a step down the lanes of background to learn more about the terrific sculptures and structure.

Location: While Belur is situated approximately 37 kilometres from Sakleshpur, the space between Halebid and Sakleshpur is roughly 50 kilometres.

Best Time to visit: The Perfect time for seeing the temple of Halebid and Belur will be the months from October to March

Timings: it's available from 10 am to 5 pm daily.  Fridays are shut for vacationers.

Distance from Bus Stand: The approximate distance you Want to travel to achieve here from Sakleshpur is 35 kilometres.


11. Jenukal Gudda

To catch the many charming views of the Western Ghats on a visit to Sakleshpur, Jenukal Gudda is among the most notable areas to enhance your bucket listing.  It's flocked by tourists that are interested in hiking and challenge their souls for an experience. It's surrounded by thick evergreen woods and lots of tea and coffee plantations which makes it merely a sanctuary for nature lovers to escape in a calm landscape.Together with a panoramic view of the a variety of hill blanketed with lush greenery, Jenukal Gudda is a fantastic location where you can bask in the vistas of Arabian Sea at Mangalore on a clear sunny day. The stunning opinion from Jenukal Gudda is your very best when you wait till the time of sunset and just take back a memory of this trip which you will likely remember for the life.

Best Time to visit The very best time to See Jenukal Gudda is from October to March.

Timings: Jenukal Gudda Hill could be seen during the year.

Distance from Bus Stand: Jenukal Gudda is in a distance of approximately 90 kilometres from Sakleshpur Bus stand.


12.  Ombattu Gudda

Literally translating to Hill, Ombattu Gudda is among the very dangerous trails you'll encounter when you're touring the Western Ghats in India. For everyone that are wishing a adrenaline rush to savour, Ombattu Gudda makes for a persuasive trip for the much-needed adventure in Sakleshpur.The road of Ombattu Gudda trek is teeming with many mesmerising arenas and you can spot many amazing gurgling streams cutting round the green sands. The trek could be started from the woods variety of Kabinhole Reserve Forest and trekkers may also see many birds and creatures that live in the thick jungles.  The trek can be finished in about two days and gives the finest views to the tourists in the time of sunset and sunrise.

Best Time to visit The very best time to See Ombattu Gudda is from October to March.

Timings: Ombattu Gudda Hill could be seen during the year.

Distance from Bus Stand: Ombattu Gudda is in a distance of approximately 90 kilometres from Sakleshpur Bus stand.


13. Green Route Trek (Railway Trek)

Brace yourself for a few of the most interesting and fascinating treks in India together with all the Green Route Trek at Sakleshpur. It's famous for offering the very mesmerising view of the Western Ghats and vacationers may feel enchanted with a range of waterfalls, lush valleys, primitive tunnels and old railroad bridges which come across the road.This trek is frequently called'trekkers heaven' and famous for unexpected the trekkers each step along the way together with all the scenic landscape and therefore many fascinating all-natural attractions. The Green Route Trek is teeming with many varied flora and fauna which have their normal habitat from the enchanting evergreen forests of Western Ghats. Some of the favorite things That You can enjoy from the Green Route Trek are a Trip to Mallali Falls, a excursion with character at Bisle Forest Reserve, a visit to the famous Jain learning center at Moodabidri plus a rendezvous with history in Manjarabad Fort.

Location: The trek begins from Donigal Railway Station and finishes at Yedakumeri Station.

Best Time to visit Any time between the months of September to March is a Fantastic time to organize your trip to get Green Route Trek

Timings: Tourists are advised to Begin hiking here in day time for your most agreeable trip

Distance from Bus Stand: The space between the bus stand and also the beginning point of this trek is approximately 8 kilometres.


14. Raxidi Estate

If you're searching for areas where you are able to truly feel a serene relationship with nature and revel in some quiet moment, Raxidi Estate at Sakleshpur is where to go.  Raxidi Estate is a small hamlet situated near Sakleshpur and provides an intriguing glimpse of village life. It's among the very beautiful coffee plantations also boasts of some gorgeous environment.  Together with the coffee real estate, you will find spice and cardamom plantations which are only a soothing pleasure for the eyes. The gorgeous ambiance of the place is highlighted by the lush green landscape which adorns this location in Sakleshpur. Insert the pleasant climate that's replete with gentle and cool breezes with occasional rainfalls, Raxidi Estate makes a fantastic situation for arranging a tour whenever you're researching Sakleshpur tourist areas.

Best Time to visit The most favored time to See Raxidi Estate from Sakleshpur is in the months of October to March.

Distance from Bus Stand: The space between both area is 10 kilometres and takes around 15 minutes to journey by road.


15. Ayyappa Swami Temple

Whenever you're seeing Sakleshpur for a holiday, Ayyappa Swami Temple makes for an wonderful trip.  With its calm vibes plus a mind-blowing setting, it's seen by many tourists in Sakleshpur to get a refreshing escape. Situated in Sakleshpur Lake Park, it's also among the most prominent temples people are able to see here for a religious retreat.  It's surrounded by an amazing landscape where people are able to find a glimpse of several creatures, forests and river valleys. If you're searching for among the most relaxing attractions in Sakleshpur at which you may enjoy a quiet morning or evening stroll with all the gorgeous sunrays greeting your own face, Ayyappa Swami Temple is among the greatest areas in Sakleshpur to organize your trip with your friends and loved ones.

Best Time to visit Ayyappa Swamy Temple can be seen during the year, nevertheless, winter is the perfect time to see.

Timings: It's available from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

Distance from Bus Stand: Ayappa Swami Temple is approximately 2 kilometers from Sakleshpur Bus Stand.


16.Eshwara Temple

Constructed from the eleventh century, Eshwara Temple is a gorgeous temple in Karnataka which is discovered in Anekonda that's a quaint suburb of town of Davanagare.  The temple reveals fascinating glimpses of Hoysala architecture; nonetheless, an individual can not help but wonder why the strange similarities its layout showcase with Chalukyan temple design. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and has been constructed with the assistance of sand and plaster initially.  The temple today was fully renovated and transformed into a trikuta temple. From the garbha griha of all Eshwara Temple, there's also an idol of Gajalakshmi while additionally there idols of different deities in smaller shrines such as those of Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, Lord Brahma and Lord Subramanya. The temple is essential visit for people who would like to research more about this exceptional culture and art of the place.

Best Time to visit The temple can be seen during the year.  But It's the months from October to March Which Are regarded as the best for seeing Eshwara Temple

Distance from Bus Stand: Eshwara Temple is situated about 235 kilometres from Sakleshpur bus rack and the journey takes approximately 5 hours .


17. Hemavathi Reservoir

Constructed throughout the river Hemavathi in 1979, this dam is one of the substantial areas to go to in Sakleshpur.  It's a green garden adjoining to it that is commonly used by tourists as a picnic area. Also called Gorur Dam appears magnificent with all the open gates once the water gushes down harshly.If you're a lover of bird viewing then it's implied that you come to get an early morning walk where you'll discover wonderful sights of different birds.  


18. Shettihalli Rosary Church

Constructed the year 1860, Shettihalli Rosary Church is also called floating church.  It's a mesmerising building that's a significant heritage representing ancient architecture.  It was used for prayers until the year 1960 as 100 decades after the church was supposed to abandon to ensure Hemavathi Reservoir would get way.For this reason, the church becomes partly submerged at the backwaters of Hemavathi Dam through the monsoon months from July to October and the floor begins coming back at the month of November and stays arid till May.  As a result of this practice, among those tasteful Sakleshpur tourist spots is becoming weaker and may fall if not restored.Finest Time to See : November to May